Koningsplein webcam, Amsterdam

The webcam will go offline later this year when we move to a new office.

TERENA and DANTE joined forces to become 'GÉANT'. This website will continue to provide some to provide information about current as well as past activities until the full, permanent GÉANT website is ready. In the meantime, ever more information about GÉANT and its activities can be found on the current GÉANT website (www.geant.org).

TERENA used to run the 6NET and 6DISS projects, which dealt with IPv6 deployment, migration from IPv4-based networks, and general promotion of IPv6.

This webcam demonstrates that it is possible to use IPv6 exclusively in the production and delivery of a live video stream.


This camera is mounted on the outside of our office, on the 4th floor. The office is in central Amsterdam above the Singel canal and the busy junction between the flower market (off-screen right), the roads that run between the shops, hotels, cinemas and restaurants at Leidseplein (bottom right corner) and the popular shopping areas of Spui (top left) and Kalverstraat (top centre). Check the Contact page for details and a photo of the office building. To be specific, the camera is located below the turret, a little to the right.

Technical details


The physical camera is an Axis Q1755 surveillance camera. This model is able to deliver up to 1080i H.264 compressed RTSP streams. The camera has an onboard microphone, but we still use the external microphones we used in the past because they seem to offer better quality. You can hear the sounds of the street, the trams, people talking, etc. The camera is a fixed model, which means that there is only one viewing angle possible. It is not possible to move the camera.

See this page for more information about the system set-up.


The quality is bad. I thought it was HD? Correct, but the YouTube player starts with low resolution. Click the little cog icon to view a better quality stream.

The sound is mono. The current set-up does not support stereo sound.

The image is too far zoomed in/out. There is no "best" zoom level that works for everyone. We will keep this current (simple) set-up.

The image is too light/dark. If we manually set brightness/contrast/etc then it works during daytime, but not at night. And the other way around. Currently the camera is set to auto-adjust, which is the best option ('sucks the least').