Selected Papers from the TERENA Networking Conference 2007

Campus-Wide Information Systems

Selected papers on information services and technologies from the TERENA Networking Conference 2007
Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Volume 24, Number 4 2007 ISSN 1065-0741

  • Guest Editor
    Thomas C. Schmidt
  • Supporting network access and service location in dynamic environments
    Dirk Kutscher, Jorge Ött and Steffen Bartsch
  • Toward interconnecting the Nordic identity federations
    Walter M. Tveter, Ingrid Melve and Mikael Linden
  • Setting up a Grid-CERT: experiences of an academic CSIRT
    Klaus Möller
  • Utilising IPv6 over VPN to enhance home service connectivity
    Karri Hutanen, Bilhanan Silverajan and Jarmo Harju
  • i2CAT experiences in advanced SIP-based communications
    Jordi Trapero, Pol Novell, Sergi Figuerola and Frederic Raspall
  • Evaluation of scalable CAPEX models in ASON/GMPLS-based IP networks
    Péter Szegedi

Internet Research

Selected research papers from the TERENA Networking Conference 2007
Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Volume 17, Number 5 2007 ISSN 1066-2243

  • Guest Editor
    Thomas C. Schmidt
  • Network transparency in a mountain resue domain
    B. McCarthy, C.Edwards and M. Dunmore
  • Deploying authorisation mechanisms for federated services in eduroam (DAMe)
    Óscar Cánovas, Antonio F. Gómez-Skarmeta, Gabriel López and Manuel Sánchez
  • The future of mobile computing: R&D activities in the state of Bremen
    Otthein Herzog, Michael Boronowsky, Ingrid Rügge, Ulrich Glotzbzch and Michael Lawo
  • Is global IPv6 deployment on track?
    Mónica Domingues, Carlos Friaças and Pedro Veiga
  • Between the underlay and overlay: on deployable, efficient mobility-agnostic group communication services
    Matthias Wällisch and Thomas C. Schmidt
  • Articulated provate networks in UCLP
    Eduard Grasa, Sergi Figuerola, Albert López, Gaabriel Junyent, Michel Savioe, Bill St. Arnaud and Mattieu Lemay
  • StarPlane - a national dynamic phototonic network controlled by grid applications
    Paola Grosso, Li Xu, Jan-Philip Velders and Cees de Laat
  • Sharing audiovisual content using a P2P environment based on JXTA
    Rosa M. Martin, Josep Casanovas, José Francisco Crespo and Joan Giralt

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