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2 October 2014
Register now for Network Architects Workshop 3

Registration is open for the third TERENA Network Architects workshop and the GEANT (GN3plus) 'Future Network' activity (JRA1) workshop, which are being hosted by NORDUnet in Copenhagen, Denmark. The events are being co-located for ease of travel. The TERENA workshop is open and free of charge for anyone to attend.

The Network Architects workshop will bring together people responsible for next-generation network architecture design and deployment. As the national research and education networks (NRENs) are all at different stages of the typical life-cycle - depending on their maturity, coverage, service portfolio, user community and funding model - it is expected that useful experiences and ideas can be shared.

29 September 2014
TF-CSIRT welcomes new chair

At the September meeting of TF-CSIRT, the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) community thanked Lionel Ferette for committing six years to chairing the task force, steering committee and Trusted Introducer review board. They welcomed Baiba Kaskina (CERT.LV) as the new chair during the meeting, which was held on 18-19 September in Rome.

5 September 2014
Information Security Management SIG agreed during security, privacy and trust workshop

Participants at a recent workshop about security, privacy and trust agreed to create a new Special Interest Group (SIG) under TERENA, with the main focus on "Information Security Management". Based on their recommendations, TERENA has also changed the name and focus of the activity's webpage from CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) to Information Security Management.

The 'NREN Security Strategy Workshop' was held on 3-4 September 2014, organised by TERENA and SURFnet and hosted in the SURFnet offices in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Almost 30 participants attended from 16 organisations across 15 countries, including Canada and Australia as well as countries in and around Europe. Reaching a shared view about international collaboration among NRENs (national research and education networking organisations) on security, privacy and trust was the main aim of the workshop. The formation of the new SIG provides a platform for future collaboration in this area.

19 August 2014
TNC2014 proceedings available

TERENA is pleased to release the proceedings from the 2014 TERENA Networking Conference. Sixteen papers were selected from more than one hundred submissions that were presented at TNC2014 and published with summaries of the papers and the conference, written by Erik Huizer, chair of the programme committee.

The proceedings, with ISBN/EAN code 978-90-77559-24-6 and including individually downloadable papers, are at www.terena.org/publications/tnc2014-proceedings.

18 July 2014
Registration open for TERENA / SURFnet security, privacy and trust workshop

Security, privacy and trust are among the hottest topics in research and education networking. Because it’s important to collaborate internationally, national research and education networking (NREN) organisations are invited to attend the NREN Security Strategy Workshop that will be held on 3-4 September 2014, organised by TERENA and SURFnet and hosted in the SURFnet offices in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

8 July 2014
TERENA launches new NRENum.net website

TERENA has launched a new website for the NRENum.net service, the global ENUM service for academia. With the new website the growing community of (prospective) NRENUM.net users can more easily find information and support. The website is live at http://nrenum.net/.

24 June 2014
TERENA launches series of e-infrastructure workshops in Eastern Europe

The first of a series of e-infrastructure workshops was held from 16-20 June, in Sofia, Bulgaria, targeting countries in the Eastern Partnership region specifically. Almost 50 people from universities, libraries and NRENs (national research and education networks) from ten Partnership and other Eastern European countries participated. Further workshops will follow later in the year.

27 May 2014
TERENA General Assembly agrees to continue restructuring discussions

The main topic of the TERENA General Assembly meeting of 22-23 May 2014, held in Dublin, Ireland, was the ongoing community investigation into restructuring collaborative activities through TERENA and DANTE. Following a presentation by Bob Day (Chair of Board, DANTE), it was agreed to continue to the next phase of discussions, with an extra General Assembly meeting planned for 26 June in Paris.

22 May 2014
TNC2014 closes with a tasty invitation for TNC2015 in Porto

This year’s TERENA Networking Conference concluded on Thursday 22 May with an invitation for attendees to visit TNC2015 in Porto, Portugal on 15-18 June 2015. João Nuno Ferreira from FCT-FCCN, the Portuguese research and education network, presented a short film highlighting the city’s attractions, and participants of TNC2014 received a small bottle of tawny port as a reminder of the invitation to next year's event.

The keynote presenter, Martyn Dade-Robertson of Newcastle University (UK), gave a presentation about data visualisation and information architecture, which included an audio-visual presentation created with Domenico Vicinanza of DANTE. This presentation is downloadble from the TNC2014 website.

22 May 2014
2014 Community Award winners honoured for FileSender, eduroam and for dedication

Jan Meijer (UNINETT) and Stefan Winter (RESTENA) received this year's research and education networking Community Awards following open nominations and selection by a panel of judges. Karel Vietsch (late Secretary General of TERENA) was also, posthumously, awarded.

Dorte Olesen (Technical University of Denmark), a former TERENA president and now chair of the GÉANT NREN Policy Committee, presented the awards on behalf of the judges during the closing plenary session of the 2014 TERENA Networking Conference (TNC2014) on Thursday 22 May.

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