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4 June 2010
Social networking and other highlights of TNC 2010

Participants at this year’s TERENA Networking Conference really ‘lived the network life’, in keeping with the event’s theme. Social networking was discussed in many presentations and, for the first time at TNC, TERENA provided participants with a webspace where they commented via blogs and tweets, clocking up around 800 tweets and more than 30 blog entries and attracting around 600 visitors per day to the TNC2010 ‘Coverage’ web page: http://tnc2010.terena.org/coverage/.

Tweeters agreed that TNC 2010 had been “fun-filled and productive” (rhys_s), “an excellent conference” with everyone “very inclusive and open to a newcomer”(tuttoo), with “good sessions and great networking” (chriscb). (garethesn): “Roll on #tnc2011 :)”

3 June 2010
TNC 2010 closes with a calendar note for 2011

This year’s TERENA Networking Conference concluded today, Thursday 3 June, with a timely invitation for attendees to visit TNC in Prague, Czech Republic, from 16-19 May 2011.

Helmut Sverenyák of the Czech research and education network CESNET presented a short film highlighting the city’s attractions, and participants of TNC 2010 received a calendar with the dates already marked for next year’s conference.

3 June 2010
Winner of TNC2010 student poster competition

Edgars Znots (University of Latvia) has won the prize for best student poster at this year’s TERENA Networking Conference (TNC), awarded by Cisco Systems, the sponsor of student participation this year.

Students from all fields related to research networking were invited to present a poster on any of the subjects relevant to the spirit and objectives of the conference. The authors of selected posters were able to attend the conference free of charge and share their ideas with a knowledgeable audience. Their posters were displayed at TNC 2010 and can be viewed online at http://tnc2010.terena.org/schedule/posters.

2 June 2010
New at TNC 2010: student TV interviews, now online

Interviews recorded with speakers at this year’s TERENA Networking Conference are now available online at http://tnc2010.terena.org/media/videos.php.

Kobra TV is a programme that broadcasts in HD quality at Kaunas University of Technology using LITNET’s infrastructure, and via local TV stations in Kaunas. The Kobra TV team is made up of students from different universties across Lithuania. They selected conference speakers and topics for their broadcasts. The films are available in HD quality and are streaming from the TNC2010 website. Adobe Flash Player is required to watch these streams. They are also available on YouTube.

1 June 2010
Selected students present their ideas at TNC 2010

Postgraduate students met leading figures from TERENA and Cisco at the TERENA Networking Conference (TNC) on Tuesday, 8 June. For the third consecutive year, students from relevant fields were invited to present a poster on any of the subjects relevant to the spirit and objectives of the conference. The selected posters are being displayed this week at TNC 2010 and can be viewed online. This is a unique opportunity for students to share their ideas with a knowledgeable captive audience keen on innovation.

With sponsorship from Cisco Systems, selected European students from all fields related to research networking were able to attend the conference free of charge, thereby giving them access to experts from across Europe who have gathered at TNC 2010 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

31 May 2010
Join the conversation with TNC 2010 blog & tweet coverage

Several well-known members of the research networking community are ‘reporting’ on this year’s TERENA Networking Conference, providing their expert insight and comments in the form of blogs, tweets and photos. This TNC-related content is aggregated from different social media sites in the new ‘Coverage’ page - http://tnc2010.terena.org/coverage.

31 May 2010
TERENA Networking Conference 2010: streaming begins 14.00 EEST

This year's TERENA Networking Conference (TNC2010) begins today, Monday 31 May. Live streaming is due to begin at 14.00 EEST when the opening plenary presentation is given by Hannes Lubich of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, examining the impacts of social networking.

Around 500 people are attending the event, which also features online presentation materials for those who cannot be there in person.

18 May 2010
2009 TERENA Compendium of NRENs available now

The ninth annual TERENA Compendium of national research and education networks (NRENs) in Europe has been released. The 2009 edition includes data from more than 40 countries across Europe and surrounding regions. Some information about countries from other regions has also been included and more information is available online compared to previous years.

14 May 2010
Registration deadline for TNC 2010 only a few days away

The final deadline for registration for the TERENA Networking Conference 2010 (TNC 2010) and co-located meetings is quickly approaching. Online registration for the TNC closes at midnight CET on Friday, 21 May 2010.

TNC 2010 will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, from 31 May - 3 June 2010. You can register online or using a downloadable form (pdf). Online registration costs € 550; registration at the conference itself costs € 600. Information about all registration options and what the fees cover is available on http://tnc2010.terena.org/register/.

11 May 2010
Community blogs, tweets, and other social media featured at TNC 2010

Network and application experts, end-users and corporate partners will share their views at this year's TNC, ultimately helping to shape the future of networking. For the first time ever, TNC is also offering online forums to support these live discussions and enable more ways to explore some of the technology and social implications of the emerging network lifestyles.

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