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20 April 2015
Global eduroam Governance Committee starts 3rd term with renewed membership
Overview of the territories where eduroam is currently available.

The Global eduroam Governance Committee (GeGC) marks the beginning of its third term by renewing its membership. Since the Terms of Reference were defined in 2010, the GeGC membership has expanded to include representatives from five world regions as compared to the original three. In April 2015 the GeGC’s second two-year term and all members’ seats expired. Nominations for all seats for the new two-year term of office have now been confirmed.

Committee members

According to the GeGC Terms of Reference, GÉANT Association has the responsibility to appoint committee members. In April, GÉANT issued a call for nominees from among the more than seventy recognised roaming operators worldwide.

The accepted nominees are:

Africa: Samia El Haddouti (CNRST/MARWAN, Morocco), Simeon Miteff (SANReN/TENET, South Africa)

Asia-Pacific: Hideaki Goto (Tohoku University, Japan), Neil Witheridge (AARNet, Australia)

Europe: Scott Armitage (Loughborough University, UK), Paul Dekkers (SURFnet, Netehrlands), Miroslav Milinović (Srce, Croatia)

Latin America: Leandro Marcos de Oliveira Guimarães (RNP, Brazil), Alejandro Lara (REUNA, Chile)

North America: Philippe Hanset (Internet2, ANYROAM, LLC, USA), Chris Phillips (CANARIE, Canada)

The previous terms of reference listed members from only Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

Non-voting expert members

The GeGC also includes non-voting technical experts. For the previous term, Klaas Wierenga (Cisco Systems) was nominated and appointed: for the new term, as the Chair of TF-MNM (Mobility and Network Middleware) Klaas has been automatically included as a non-voting technical expert. In addition, Stefan Winter (RESTENA) was selected for his eduroam knowledge and development leadership, which saw him honoured with a Community Award at last year’s networking conference, TNC2014.

New chair and Terms of Reference

The GeGC will choose its new chair in May, ahead of its annual face-to-face meeting at TNC, to be held this year in Porto, Portugal. New Terms of Reference will be drawn up, in which the growth in world regions represented will be formally recognised.

Further information

The summary charter for global eduroam governance is defined in the original GeGC Terms of Reference (pdf).

Download the eduroam Compliance Statement(pdf), which was one of the first products of the GeGC.

More information about eduroam is available via the eduroam website.