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16 March 2015
Only a few weeks left to nominate for Community Awards 2015!

During this year's Networking Conference, TNC15, people who have made a significant contribution to the research and education networking community's activities will be honoured with our yearly Community Awards. Nominations for the awards are still welcome until the deadline at midnight CE(S)T on 29 March 2015.

Visit the news page for more information about the awards and the nomination process. Or, if you already know who you would wish to nominate for the award, you can go straight to our online nomination form.

In order for the judges to assess all nominations equally and to follow up on nominations, the questions cover some basic facts about the person submitting the form, as well as about the person being nominated and supporting information. Please note that all fields are compulsory and the form takes up to 15 minutes to complete.

Among other things, people submitting nominations will be asked to explain why the nominee deserves special recognition, whether such recognition would be particularly timely during TNC15, whether their work was part of a team effort or has already received wider recognition, and whether the nominator has any ideas for a relevant (token) gift.

Background information

Since 2012, TNC has been the place where public recognition has been given to members of the research and education networking community for their contributions to the development of relevant technologies and services or to collaborative community activities. These awards were introduced by TERENA (now the Amsterdam office of GÉANT Association) and received sponsorship from the GÉANT Project (managed by GÉANT Association’s Cambridge office, formerly DANTE) for the first time in 2014. This sponsorship primarily covered administrative costs and allowed greater community say in the selection process by providing a judging procedure and a nomination system that invites nominations from and about people in Europe and other world regions.

If you have any queries, please contact pr@terena.org.

Information about past Community Award winners.