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3 February 2015
TNC15 keynote speakers confirmed
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The TNC15 conference programme is now available and the keynote speakers are confirmed.
Six high-profile speakers will address hot topics in the realm of research and education networking:

  • John Day (Boston University, USA) will challenge our thinking about the engineering and design choices that were made in the early days of the Internet in the light of today’s Internet. In the opening plenary session he will issue a call to arms to adopt a new paradigm for Internet communications.
  • Manfred Laubichler (Arizona State University, USA) will show how hotspots of scientific activity can be detected by analysing large networks of collaboration over time. To effectively pursue this kind of interdisciplinary research requires developing a novel type of research system for data-driven computational approaches at the intersection of science, history of science and science policy.
  • Sarah Kenderdine (University of New South Wales, Australia) will elaborate on the challenges of using digital media in the research, preservation, management, interpretation, and representation of cultural heritage. She will examine the relationship between material and digital objects; the implications of digital technology for knowledge creation, documentation, and the concept of authority; and the possibilities for 'virtual cultural heritage' - the preservation and interpretation of cultural and natural heritage through real-time, immersive, and interactive techniques.
  • Timo Lüge (Social Media For Good) will discuss 'Disaster response in a connected world'. The increased availability of mobile Internet access around the world is changing lives and relationships, and has a significant impact on how information flows in the case of natural disasters. His keynote speech addresses how this changes the way we have to think about disaster response and how disaster responders interact with the affected people.
  • Avis Yates Rivers (Technology Concepts Group Intl.) will talk about how unconscious bias works, how to spot it, and what to do about it. He will give lots of reasons why we want and need a diverse workforce.
  • João Paulo Cunha (University of Porto) will address the topic 'smart cities', taking the TNC15 host city Porto as an example where the local authority and city institutions have collaborated to create a Future Internet (FI) living lab at a city scale. He will present the concept, the current status and the future of this living lab, discussing new trends and FI services envisioned by the multidisciplinary multi-institutional project team.
  • 'Connected Communities'

    The conference theme 'Connected Communities' reflects the complex situation NRENs (national research and education network organisations) find themselves in today. They are at an exciting crossroads in society. Not only do they provide the basic network infrastructure on which big science and big data build, but they also address the requirements of ever-increasing and more diverse communities of Internet end users in the wider research and education areas. Many questions remain unanswered in a time when privacy and security are not a given.

    TNC15 captures the current debate with the conference theme 'Connected Communities’. The conference provides a full programme in which a wide variety of other hot topics in research and education networking will be discussed, including future education models, advanced networking infrastructures, and federation and middleware.

    Discount for early birds

    Participants who register before 23 February will profit from an early-bird discount, with a registration fee of € 550 exc. VAT. After that date and until 9 May, online registration will continue at a cost of € 650 exc. VAT.

    Sponsors, exhibitors and demonstrations

    If you would like to become a sponsoring partner / exhibitor of TNC15, or would like to demonstrate at the event, please contact the conference organiser, Gyöngyi Horváth, at horvath@terena.org.

    Community Awards

    During TNC15, we'll reward people who have made a significant contribution to the research and education networking community with our yearly Community Awards. You can still submit your nominations! Visit the news page for more information.

    Further information

    TNC15 is organised by GÉANT Association and hosted by FCT-FCCN, Portugal's unit for the operation of the National Research and Education Network within the funding agency for science and research in Portugal, between 15-18 June 2015 in Porto. All information, including the full conference schedule can be found on the TNC15 website.