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29 September 2014
TF-CSIRT welcomes new chair
Lionel Ferette, stepping down as chair of TF-CSIRT.

At the September meeting of TF-CSIRT, the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) community thanked Lionel Ferette for committing six years to chairing the task force, steering committee and Trusted Introducer review board. They welcomed Baiba Kaskina (CERT.LV) as the new chair during the meeting, which was held on 18-19 September in Rome.

Lionel has been part of the TF-CSIRT community ever since the start of BELNET CERT in 2004. Stepping down as chair at the end of his third two-year term, Lionel said he was grateful and proud to have been part of the growth of the community and thanked TERENA staff and the steering committee members that he worked with over the years. "This community is in good hands," he said, "and I look forward to the future meetings and activities".

The newly-elected chair, Baiba Kaskina, the manager of CERT.LV - the Latvian national and governmental CSIRT - has been a member of the CSIRT community since 2003, when she was TF-CSIRT secretary while working for TERENA. Since 2006, Baiba has been behind CSIRT development in Latvia and is managing the national CSIRT. In accepting the position of chair, Baiba said she sees it as a "great honour and huge responsibility towards the community". Baiba says the main challenges for the steering committee and chair are to manage the growth of the community and to revise the way Trusted Introducer works while keeping a balance between the interests of all stakeholders. Baiba was joined on the committee by Daniel Roethlisberger (SWITCH), Vladimir Bobor, (TS-CERT) and Jan Vykopal (CSIRT-MU) alongside incumbent committee member Wilfried Woeber (ACOnet-CERT).

The Rome meeting was the 43rd TF-CSIRT gathering. It was hosted by Poste Italiane for the first time. The Chief Information Security Officer of Poste Italiane, Rocco Mammoliti, said it had been a great opportunity for cooperation and actively sharing information, guaranteeing a greater ability for all participants to prevent and respond to incidents. "Poste Italiane has always considered collaboration and information sharing as a key factor in creating a united front against advancing threats," he said. "We are actively committed to growing the national cyber security ecosystem, in line with the successful European collaboration TF-CSIRT."

Further information

Further information about TF-CSIRT and the 43rd TF-CSIRT meeting can be found online.

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