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18 July 2014
Registration open for TERENA / SURFnet security, privacy and trust workshop
The workshop will be held at the SURFnet offices, in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Security, privacy and trust are among the hottest topics in research and education networking. Because it’s important to collaborate internationally, national research and education networking (NREN) organisations are invited to attend the NREN Security Strategy Workshop that will be held on 3-4 September 2014, organised by TERENA and SURFnet and hosted in the SURFnet offices in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Registration for this event is open.

Reaching a shared view about international NREN collaboration on security, privacy and trust is the main aim of the workshop. It is also the intention to agree follow-up actions, including the creation of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Special Interest Group (SIG) as a platform for future collaboration in this area. The workshop will give participants the opportunity to share their views and discuss security, privacy and trust issues. Remote participation via video conference will also be possible.

During the workshop, the following themes will be discussed:

  • How can NRENs exchange strategic views and work towards a shared view on security, privacy and trust?
  • How can NRENs develop a trust framework between NRENs and for their products and services?
  • How can NRENs exchange knowledge about and approaches to important issues (such as the upcoming European privacy laws)?
  • How can NRENs learn from other NRENs’ security, privacy and trust services? (e.g. copy them or procure them from another NREN.)
  • Are there any issues that can only be resolved through international collaboration? And how can NRENs organise this? Is there interest in forming a dedicated community of CISOs and other security managers?

More information is available on the TERENA CISO website.