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13 May 2014
The 2014 Compendium survey is open
Cover of the Compendium published in December 2013.

TERENA invites NRENs (national research and education networking organisations) to participate in this year's Compendium survey, which was developed as part of the global collaborative Common NREN Information Model (CNIM). Latin American NRENs are asked to complete a similar survey by RedCLARA. Other NRENs are requested to complete the TERENA survey by 15 June 2014. The Compendium survey, and information on how to complete it, is available at http://www.terena.org/compendium.

New interface

Last year, the CNIM was newly developed; this year an overhaul of the reporting interface was scheduled to further enhance the usability of the Compendium. The main benefits of the new interface are that it offers improved reporting possibilities and gives participating NRENs better access to the data.

Work in progress

The new interface shows Compendium data going back to 2008. The intention is to gradually transfer even earlier data as well. In the meantime, the old interface will still be available for checking older data.

The 2014 edition of the Compendium is due to be completed by the end of this year. 2014 data will be made available via the TERENA website after their submission and double-checking by participating NRENs.

More information about the new interface

Since the interface is new and has new possibilities, TERENA has anticipated some questions that many NRENs may share. These are answered on an FAQ page.

Background of the CNIM

The CNIM was developed in 2013 by a joint panel consisting of representatives from APAN, ASREN, CANARIE, Internet2, RedCLARA, TERENA, UbuntuNet and WACREN, and aims to document the work of NRENs worldwide. The model builds on the TERENA Compendium series of publications and website, which are part of the GÉANT project.

Compendium archive

Individual NREN information going back up to 10 years can be seen online in detail via the Compendium archive.