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6 January 2014
TF-Media completes activities and disbands but legacy continues
The last non-virtual TF-Media meeting, in Paris, 2-3 April, 2013.

With the arrival of the new year, the second term of TERENA’s media task force TF-Media came to an end. TF-Media had been re-chartered in 2011 with a new focus on applied media in teaching and learning. Having completed its objectives and deliverables, the task force leaves a legacy of activities that can continue to develop with further community participation.

During the lifespan of TF-Media, the main interests of the community turned from developing new media tools and systems to defining services and workflows for the media-driven teaching and learning environment. The task force connected and liaised with other communities, such as Opencast, Open Sankoré, EUNIS E-Learning Task force, Europeana, and more. TF-Media organised community meetings in several countries, gave presentations, and prepared posters and surveys.

Other highlights of TF-Media include:

  • OER pilot - A topic that gained significant interest in the past two years was the Open Educational Resource (OER) Portal pilot. The idea was that the TERENA community would provide a central hub for metadata aggregation, collecting information about online learning content made available by national research and education networking (NREN) organisations, the broader TERENA community, and institutions, so that content could be shared, re-used and commented upon. The primary aim was to create a one-stop-shop (or broker) for national learning resource providers, with each of them managing and/or federating one or more learning object repositories within their country, and the TERENA OER as a link with global repositories.

    By mid-2013, some early prototypes were made available; this work now needs to be taken to the next level. The current plan is for TERENA to further involve the community to kick off a service development pilot project in 2014.

  • ‘Recording contest’ - Lecture recording systems can not only provide recorded content for students, but be used more broadly, for example in recording or streaming conferences, meetings and workshops. Many IT managers in the education community have a hard time selecting the right tools for lecture recording, production, management and distribution.

    During the 2012 TERENA Networking Conference TF-Media organised an open opportunity to showcase the uses, capabilities and features of portable streaming/recording systems. Participants set up their systems in compliance with strict requirements, streamed or recorded a conference session, optionally did some video enhancement. TF-Media published the results and a report summarising the systems’ features.

To pursue further developments and to continue the opportunity for discussion among community members interested in related issues, the TF-Media mailing list will stay in place. New members are welcome to sign up to the TF-Media mailing list.

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