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1 October 2013
Register for the 2nd Network Architects workshop
The first Network Architects workshop - held in Copenhagen in November 2012.

Registration is now open for the second Network Architects workshop, which will bring together next-generation network architecture designers and deployers to exchange ideas and best practice within the research and education networking community. The event will be hosted by TERENA with the support of CESNET, the Czech national research and education networking organisation (NREN) in Prague, Czech Republic, on 13-14 November 2013.

The workshop will be held back-to-back with a meeting of TF-NOC, the recently re-chartered TERENA Task Force on Network Operation Centres, on 14-15 November, for which registration is also open.

Aim of the workshop

Different research and education networks are at different stages in their life cycles, depending on their maturity, coverage, service portfolio, user community and funding model. With such diversity, it would be beneficial to identify common practices, design procedures, future expectations and evolution paths. Equally essential is a common language to establish multi-domain network services and a common understanding of network building blocks.

Target audience

The Network Architects workshop is aimed at NREN staff responsible for network architecture under the Chief Technical Officer or Head of Infrastructure offices but above network operations or at least at Tier-3 NOC. Potential participants interested more in network and service operations are invited to join the TF-NOC task force sessions starting right after the workshop at the same location. The invitation to both events is extended to DANTE, NORDUnet, other regional providers, as well as TERENA global peers in other world regions. Selected commercial partners will also be invited.

Interests and topics

The workshop will cover topics related to software defined networking, testbed-as-a-service architecture, advanced topics in photonic services, content delivery networks and multi-domain issues, followed by an open panel discussion. The TF-NOC meeting will include NREN NOC updates, discussions on emerging NOC tools and best practices, for example, for DDOS (distributed denial-of-service attack) mitigation.

The agenda for the workshop is still flexible. If you would like to give a presentation, please contact Péter Szegedi.

Further information

Please note that separate registration is required for the workshop and the TF-NOC meeting. For links to details of both events including logistics information, agendas and registration, please visit the workshop and TF-NOC web page.