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2 July 2013
Call for proposals: translators required for Campus Best Practices reports

TERENA is seeking to subcontract professional translators to translate best-practice documents from French, Bulgarian, Serbian, Czech and Norwegian into (British) English. The documents will be produced as part of the GÉANT project’s Campus Best Practices task, part of the Status & Trends activity led by TERENA. Proposals must be received by 17:00 CEST on Monday 5 August 2013.

The intention is to agree a two-year contract with the possibility of extending
for a further two years. However, proposals for a shorter period, or for part of the work described in this call, will also be considered.

During the first two-year period, up to 7 best-practice documents per language are anticipated to require translation, with an average of 20-25 A4 pages of about 340 words. The first documents are expected in early September 2013.

The preferred suppliers will need experience in translating technical, ICT-related documents and must be available for translation of individual documents at reasonable notice.


GÉANT is a large project in the European Union's 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, which supports the provision of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) services to researchers, teachers and students in Europe. The Campus Best Practices task addresses key challenges for European campus networks, and will provide a set of best-practice documents for managers and practitioners dealing with the provision of ICT infrastructure and services in universities and other institutions. The documents are being produced in various languages.

TERENA is the association of research and education networking organisations in Europe.

How to submit proposals

Prospective suppliers of these translation services are invited to send a proposal containing:

  • the prices to be paid for the services described above (based on price per word);
  • a curriculum vitae of (each of) the translator(s), including references to translations for other organisations for which he/she has translated documents from French / Bulgarian / Serbian / Czech / Norwegian into British English, especially in the ICT area;
  • A translation for our evaluation (translated by the named translators) for each of the sample texts for which you are offering a bid:
  • Sample texts to be translated and evaluated:

Proposals should refer to ‘ Translation of Best Practice Documents’ and be marked for the attention of Mr. John Dyer.
They can be emailed to translation@terena.org or posted to:

CBP Translations
TERENA Secretariat
Singel 468D
1017 AW Amsterdam
The Netherlands.

Further information

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