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17 June 2013
New video highlights training to support performing arts teaching and remote performance
A still from the video now available on TERENAtube.

A video is now available providing insights into the range of activities and technologies to be experienced during Network Performing Arts Production Workshops. The video is on TERENAtube at http://youtu.be/fXKFrpXRwQY.

The video features performers, technologies and organisers from the fourth European Network Performing Arts Production Workshop, which was hosted by the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (mdw) in Vienna, Austria, on 12-14 March 2013.

An interest in understanding how advanced audio/video technology and advanced research and education networks can be used to support the teaching of performing arts, auditions and remote performance brought together 38 people from music institutions, national research and education networking organisations (NRENs) and artistic production companies during this three-day event. The video showcases some of the openly available solutions that were presented.

Video highlights

  • Ann Doyle (Internet2) recalls when Internet2 began to investigate how to enable real-time performances with very high audio and video standards by bringing together art and technology.
  • Brian Shepard (USC) introduces the ECHODamp software, a multi-channel audio mixer and echo controller which manages echo without impacting audio quality.
  • Claudio Allochio (GARR) presents LoLa (low latency audio visual streaming system) with a demonstration of musicians performing together from different locations.
  • The LoLa and UltraGrid (software implementation of high-quality low-latency video and audio transmissions) systems are showcased during a concert and dance performance at a special evening event.
  • Juerg Jecklins (mdw) explores how the human brain behaves when technology and art come into contact.
  • Ivani Santana (Federal University of Bahia) brings an artist’s perspective of network performing arts, looking beyong latency issues.
  • DVTS (digital video transport system) is demonstrated during a live master-class between a mdw teacher and a student from the New World Symphony in Miami, USA.

Further information

The Vienna Network Performing Arts Production Workshop was the fourth in a European series: such workshops are also held in the USA. As with the previous European workshops, the event in Vienna was coordinated by TERENA and Internet2, with additional technical expertise provided by GARR, the Italian NREN. CESCA, which manages the regional network in Catalonia (Anella Cientifica) and mdw also provided technical support, with further local technical support by ACOnet, the Austrian national research and education networking organisation.

More detailed information and slides from presentations given at the Vienna workshop are available on the Network Performing Arts Production Workshop web pages. An overview of the European workshop series is also available.

Information about the university that hosted the workshop can be found on the mdw website.