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4 June 2013
Successful LoLA music performance at TNC2013
On-site and remote musicians perform together at TNC2013 Opening Reception.

A unique jazz performance inspired by the theme of the 2013 TERENA Networking Conference (TNC) - "Innovating Together" – wowed participants during the event's Opening Reception on Monday 3 June.

Thanks to an international collaboration of artists and technicians, on-stage musicians performed alongside their 'virtual' band leader, who was in Edinburgh, UK, assisted by LOLA (LOw LAtency audio/visual system).

Bringing together art, technology, entertainment and innovation, LoLA was developed by GARR, the Italian research and education networking organisation, and the Music Conservatory G. Tartini in Trieste. It enables performing artists to interact in a natural way even if they are located thousands of kilometres apart. LoLA exploits the high-quality and very large bandwidth connectivity offered by research and education networks, which allow network-related delay and jitter to be almost obliterated.

The performance was sponsored by the Music Conservatory G. Tartini , GARR, Janet and TERENA with the collaboration of ArtEZ School of Music Conservatorium in Arnhem and Prince Claus Conservatorium in Groningen in the Netherlands.

Introducing the band

Based in Edinburgh Napier University of Music (UK), Stephen Waterman - composer, teacher and trumpet soloist – performed with students Uli Weber (guitar) and Bouke Hofma (drums) from ArtEZ School of Music Conservatorium, plus Sander Baan (sax) and Jelmer de Haan (bass guitar) from the Prince Claus Conservatorium.

Further information

Members of the LoLA team are available for on-site participants of TNC2013 to meet at the TERENA booth on Wednesday 5 June from 13:45-14:00 CEST.

Several photos of the performance are included in the TNC2013 photos page from Monday.

About LoLA

A detailed explanation of the LOLA technology and videos of past performances are available from the LoLA project pages. A full presentation of the system is available on GARR’s WebTV.