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22 April 2013
Common NREN Information Model to document the work of NRENs worldwide
NRENs around the world that participated in the 2012 TERENA Compendium.

A Common NREN Information Model has been developed to document the work achieved by national research and education networking organisations (NRENs) around the world. A global panel that formed in January guided the work, which was a collaboration between APAN, ASREN, CANARIE, Internet2, RedCLARA, TERENA, UbuntuNet and WACREN, and built on earlier accomplishments in Europe, Asia and Latin America by TERENA, APAN and RedCLARA.

Documenting global NREN development

In many countries around the world, NRENs play an important role as providers of essential advanced Internet services to the research and education sector. In some regions, such as in Western Europe, NRENs have been around since the late seventies. In other regions, such as in Africa, NRENs have only recently started to emerge. In all regions, developments are moving fast.

The Common NREN Information Model will document the achievements of all of these organisations; to show current best practice and to act as a stimulus for accelerating progress in making advanced Internet connections and services available to researchers and students worldwide.

Online access

A web interface for NRENs to provide information to the Model is currently being developed by TERENA within the framework of the GÉANT project that is part-funded by the European Commission. Support for the project has also been provided by Google. The interface is expected to become available in mid-May. In a later phase, a global publication and a searchable database are anticipated.


The development of the Common Information Model was overseen by the following panel members: Joseph Kimaili and Omo Oaiya (Africa), Salem Alagtash (Arab region), Markus Buchhorn and Shankar Karuppayah (Asia), Thomas Tam (Canada), Claudio Allocchio, Mirjam Kühne, Helmut Sverenyák and Thomas Lenggenhager (Europe), and María José López and Florencio Utreras (Latin America).

Further information

A pdf preview of the Model and more information about this and the 2013 TERENA Compendium and questionnaire are available via the TERENA NREN Compendium webpage.