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26 March 2013
Renewed Global eduroam Governance Committee continues growth
Some of the participants in the GeGC's videoconference meeting in March, including new chair Chris Philips (top-left).

The Global eduroam Governance Committee (GeGC) marked the beginning of its second term by renewing its membership – including the election of a new chair - and welcoming a new roaming operator (RO). SingAREN – the Singaporean NREN (national research and education networking organisation) became the 60th RO to be officially recognised by the GeGC as operating the eduroam® (education roaming) service.

GeGC membership

Chris Philips (CANARIE) accepted his nomination as chair of the GeGC during the committee’s meeting on 14 March, and will take up his role from the next meeting (date to be confirmed). Shel Waggener (Internet2) and Alejandro Lara (REUNA) were appointed as new members while the other representatives are returning members.

Europe: Paul Dekkers (SURFnet, the Netherlands), Miroslav Milinović (Srce, Croatia) and Stefan Winter (RESTENA, Luxembourg)
Latin America: Leandro Marcos de Oliveira Guimarães (RNP, Brazil), Alejandro Lara (REUNA, Chile)
North America: Chris Phillips (CANARIE, Canada), Shel Waggener (Internet2, USA)
Asia-Pacific: Hideaki Goto (Tohoku University, Japan), Neil Witheridge (AARNet, Australia)
Africa: Kennedy Aseda (KENET, Kenya) and Simeon Miteff (SANReN/TENET, South Africa)
Non-voting expert: Klaas Wierenga (Cisco Systems)

TERENA appointed these 11 committee members based on nominations from 59 territories officially recognised as ROs by the GeGC. The GeGC will continue to ensure interoperability between eduroam regions, and to define technological and administrative improvements for the operation of eduroam at the global level. Members will meet at the 2013 TERENA Networking Conference in Maastricht, the Netherlands.


The GeGC was constituted in November 2010 to oversee issues related to the growing number of regions operating eduroam. It initially consisted of seven representatives of ROs and was increased to 11 after ROs in Latin America and Africa were recognised in April 2012.

The GeGC created the eduroam Compliance Statement – the first formal outline of technical and organisational standards for the eduroam service offered globally by ROs. Being authorised by the GeGC to operate the eduroam service is contigent upon compliance with this statement.

TERENA provides secretariat support for the Global eduroam Governance Committee.

More information

The summary charter for Global eduroam Governance is defined in the GeGC Terms of Reference (pdf).

Download the eduroam Compliance Statement(pdf).

More information about eduroam is available via the eduroam website.