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13 November 2012
Registration open for 4th Network Performing Arts Production Workshop
An interactive dance demonstration between Ivani Santana (Brazil) and the KONIC group (Barcelona) at the 2011 Network Performing Arts Production Workshop in Barcelona.

Discover how to use today’s technology for the arts at the Network Performing Arts Production Workshop that will be held in Vienna, Austria from 12-14 March 2013. Registration is now open via https://www.terena.org/activities/network-arts/vienna/register.html

The workshop will emphasise the equipment and staffing requirements for interactive performing arts education, multi-site performance events, and high-quality netcasting over advanced networks. There will be a mix of hands-on audio/video production opportunities and presentations about networking aspects of producing high quality transmissions of various performing arts.

The event will bring together people from institutions that produce performing arts events (music schools and academies, dance academies, arts academies, etc.) who want to explore the new possibilities and challenges that advanced education and research networks can offer. People involved in audio/video production in other areas can also greatly benefit from the presentations and practical sessions with innovative applications and services. This public event will also be of interest to research and education network organisations whose constituents could have a need for high-end audiovisual production and transmission over those networks.


The fourth European Network Performing Arts Production workshop will be hosted by the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (mdw) with local technical support provided by ACOnet, the Austrian National Research and Education Network (NREN). As with the previous European events, the workshop will be coordinated by TERENA and Internet2, with additional technical expertise provided by GARR, the Italian NREN. CESCA, which manages the regional network in Catalonia (Anella Cientifica) and mdw will also be providing technical support.

The Vienna workshop is the fourth in a European series inspired by annual workshops in the USA. Claudio Allocchio (GARR) explains: "In 2008 I started to think about the successful workshops organised in the US by Internet2 and the New World Symphony and how to bring them to the Old Continent, where performing arts have a great tradition. This workshop in Vienna will take us to the heart of this tradition!"

"Since 2011 ACOnet has intensified its commitment to support and expand its versatile arts and culture constituency," says Christian Panigl, team leader at ACOnet and Vienna Internet eXchange at the University of Vienna. "With active help and participation from ACOnet members such as Kunsthistorisches Museum (khm) and mdw, we are facilitating a series of open technical workshops for ICT staff in the arts and culture environment. It is therefore a great opportunity for us to invite the 2013 Network Performing Arts Production Workshop to Vienna, and to team up with mdw in providing a professional workshop environment, ideal networking infrastructure and high-speed connectivity to the international research networking community via the GÉANT network and to the Internet in general."

Further information

The full workshop agenda will be available in January, 2013. More detailed information about the workshop registration is available on the Network Performing Arts Production Workshop web pages.