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15 October 2012
Proceedings from TNC2012 now available for download

TERENA is pleased to release the proceedings from TNC2012 - the TERENA Networking Conference that was held in Reykjavik 21-24 May 2012. Twelve papers presented in the conference sessions were selected for this publication, with downloads available from: http://www.terena.org/publications/tnc2012-proceedings/.

The selected papers cover a wide range of topics related to the theme of TNC2012: ‘Networking to Services’. They explore how networking in research and education today means much more than simply moving bits and bytes from place to place, and how services deployed on top of the network and social and collaborative contact are increasingly crucial to research and education.

More information

The TNC2012 proceedings have been assigned ISBN/EAN 978-90-77559-21-5.

Archives of live–streamed speeches, speakers’ slides and other TNC2012 information are all available via the TNC2012 website.

About TNC2013

TNC2013 will be held in Maastricht, Netherlands, from 3-6 June 2013, hosted by the Dutch national research and education networking organisation, SURFnet. The Call for Papers for TNC2013 is open until 30 November 2012. Submissions and information via the TNC2013 website.