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24 September 2012
Registration open for first Network Architects’ Workshop
Network architecture life-cycle

A new TERENA Network Architects’ Workshop will bring together next-generation network architecture designers and deployers to exchange ideas, experiences and best practices within the research networking community. The event will be held in Kastrup, Copenhagen on 21-22 November 2012, back-to-back with a workshop on 20-21 November of the GN3 project’s Joint Research Activity 1 (JRA1) Tasks 1&2 investigating emerging technologies such as photonics and carrier class transport. Registration for both events is open until 9 November: https://www.terena.org/activities/netarch/ws1/register.html

Different research and education networks are at different stages in their life-cycles, depending on their maturity, coverage, service portfolio, user community and funding model. With such diversity, it would be beneficial to identify common practices, design procedures, future expectations and evolution paths. A common language is essential for establishing multi-domain network services and a common understanding of network building blocks is equally vital.

The Network Architects’ and GN3 JRA1 workshops’ discussions will be hosted by NORDUnet, the Scandinavian regional network, and will include DANTE, the operator of the pan-European network GÉANT, national providers and TERENA global peers from other world regions. People who are responsible for network architecture design under their CTO, or are Head of Infrastructure above the NOC (network operations centre) level, or at least at Tier-3 NOC, are welcome to register. Selected commercial partners will also be invited to the JRA1 workshop.

Interest and topics

The agenda for the workshops is still flexible: if you would like to give a presentation, please contact Péter Szegedi at TERENA.

The draft agenda for both workshops is available at: http://www.terena.org/activities/netarch/ws1/agenda.html.

The three-day event starts with the GN3 JRA1 Workshop where:

  • outcomes of activity regarding core network solutions such as Ethernet OAM, PBB-TE, EoMPLS and MPLS-TP will be reported;
  • technologies such as Synchronous Ethernet, Time Sensitive Transport, Open Flow, OTN, Control Plane, Alien Waves and Photonic Services will be discussed.

The TERENA Network Architects Workshop builds on this knowledge and focuses on sharing experiences in building NRENs’ next-generation networks:

  • network evolution, design and dimensioning, deployments, novel network architecture and services will be discussed;
  • design procedures, useful tools, and experiences in commercial equipment or capacity procurements will be shared;
  • an open panel discussion will provide recommendations.

Further Information

Participants are welcome to attend one or both of the two workshops. Please note that separate registration is required. For links to further details, including logistics information, agendas and registration, please visit the workshops’ homepage.