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14 February 2012
Green networking – advances in environmental policy and practice
The objectives of the Green Team work as presented at the review of the GN3 project.

On 5-6 March 2012 the "GÉANT Green Team" is organising a workshop on Green IT for staff of National Research and Education Network organisations (NRENs) and others interested in the theme. The event will take place in the SURFnet offices in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Various aspects of green IT will be considered, and the Green Team invites everyone to take part and join the discussion on how the NREN community can contribute to making its activities more sustainable.

The GN3 (GÉANT) project provides leading-edge networking and related services to the research and education community. Since 2009, GN3 Task "Study of Environmental Impact", carried out by a group known as the GÉANT Green Team, has played a small but significant part in the project, in gauging the environmental impact of the network, and exploring the positive effects that networking can have in reducing carbon emissions in all sectors of society.

The objectives of this workshop are:

  • to report on recent work done by Green GÉANT partners;
  • to show NRENs and others the accounting and management tools developed;
  • to outline the aims and activities of the team in the final year of the GN3 project;
  • to learn of progress in environmental policy and practice from academic and research institutions;
  • to share experience and strategies with others in the ICT sector.

The workshop is intended primarily for operational and managerial staff of NRENs, but also for ICT and facilities management personnel in higher-education institutions, as well as environmental agents and decision-makers.

For the full programme and registration, check the workshop website.