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17 June 2011
New supplier for TERENA’s Trusted Introducer service
Karel Vietsch (TERENA) and Klaus-Peter Kossakowski (PRESECURE) sign new contract for Trusted Introducer

PRESECURE Consulting GmbH was selected as the new supplier of the Trusted Introducer (TI) service, in conclusion of the recent public procurement initiated by TERENA. Formerly a sub-contractor to the current supplier of the TI service, PRESECURE will take over primary responsibility from S-CURE as of 1 September 2011, under a three-year contract to TERENA.

The new contract covers both the TI accreditation service and the TI certification service and includes an improved service level agreement, online updating of team information, best-efforts incident response coordination, and an improved website. Experienced in helping governments, commercial organisations, and incident response teams around the world manage security risks, PRESECURE will be handling all IT service aspects with Klaus-Peter Kossakowski (PRESECURE), Antonio Liu (PRESECURE), Don Stikvoort (S-CURE) and Miroslaw Maj (Cybersecurity Foundation).

In compliance with the applicable public procurement regulations, TERENA sought out more competitive offers from organisations with knowledge of computer incident and response handling, public key infrastructures, secure website hosting and development, and other appropriate technologies. PRESECURE was chosen by TERENA because they offered the most economically advantageous proposal. Kevin Meynell, TERENA Project Development Officer, explains, “PRESECURE is a long established participant in the global and European CSIRT communities, and offered an enhanced TI service at a competitive price. They have been key to rolling out the TI certification programme as a subcontractor to S-CURE, and have offered tailored consultancy to CSIRTs embarking on the certification process."

The Trusted Introducer offers an accreditation and certification scheme for Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) in and around Europe, to help build a “Web of Trust” between them. If a CSIRT meets certain criteria, it can be accredited by the Trusted Introducer. Information about accredited teams as well as information about teams that have applied for accreditation and other known teams (“listed” teams) is published and kept up-to-date on the Trusted Introducer website. Accredited CSIRTs participate in closed meetings that are organised back-to-back with TF-CSIRT meetings, have access to a restricted website with confidential information about security teams, a re-encrypting secure mail gateway and out-of-band alerting. Under the Trusted Introducer certification process, CSIRTs are assigned a score for a number of defined parameters that are grouped in four categories: organisation, human, tools and processes. CSIRTs must obtain a pre-defined minimum score in order to become certified, and participate in an on-site workshop that investigates the CSIRT in more depth. Recertification must be done every three years.

The current contract with S-CURE expires on 31 August 2011. The new contract between TERENA and PRESECURE was signed on 16 June 2011 and covers the period from September 2011 until August 2014.