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17 June 2011
New open CCIRN sessions to support intercontinental collaboration
Steve Cotter (ESnet), Niels Hersoug (DANTE), Kees Neggers (SURFnet) and Stephen Wolff (Internet2) at the CCIRN meeting in Reykjavik

To identify issues in a timely fashion and start work on concrete, collaborative solutions for problems of common interest faster, the Co-ordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networking (CCIRN) will change its modus operandi from closed, annual meetings to open, more frequent sessions. These will be co-located at major continental research networking conferences, such as the TERENA Networking Conferences, the Internet2 Member Meetings and the APAN Meetings.

Agreed at a CCIRN meeting held in Reykjavik, Iceland on 10 June 2011, this new, open format is expected to provide more opportunities for earlier identification of topics that could benefit from intercontinental coordination, thereby improving worldwide collaboration. The first open forum will take place at the Internet2 Fall Member Meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina in October 2011.

CCIRN initially focused on coordinating efforts to obtain affordable high-capacity connectivity between research networks in different continents. Over time, it developed into a forum to discuss a range of policy, management, and technical issues of common interest to research networking organisations worldwide. However, it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep pace with the rapid technology and service developments in today’s research and education networking community and the growing amount of intercontinental collaboration and dependencies. This prompted CCIRN to change its meeting format to an open forum with more frequent contact, co-located conveniently at major events.

Future open sessions will be organised by a small permanent group of core CCIRN participants. Stephen Wolff (Internet2) will lead the organisation of the first open CCIRN forum. He took over the North American CCIRN co-chairmanship from Grant Miller (U.S. National Coordination Office for Networking and Information Technology Research and Development) at the end of the Reykjavik meeting.

Further information

CCIRN was created in 1987, making it the oldest forum in the global research and education networking community. CCIRN meetings are attended by representatives of national and regional research and education networking organisations who are nominated by their continental research networking bodies. The European deputation is appointed by the TERENA Executive Committee.

A new CCIRN website is in progress and will replace the original website at www.ccirn.net.