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29 November 2010
First CERT awarded certification under TERENA's Trusted Introducer
Elly van den Heuvel shows GOVCERT.NL's TI certificate (photo Bob van der Kamp, GOVCERT.NL)

The Dutch government's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), GOVCERT.NL, is the first team to be certified under the new Trusted Introducer (TI) certification service. Announced on 16 November 2010 at the international GOVCERT.NL symposium in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the first-ever TI certificate was awarded to Elly van den Heuvel, General Manager of GOVCERT.NL by Don Stikvoort (S-CURE and leader TI).

Since early September, Klaus-Peter Kossakowski from the TI team has worked hands-on with GOVCERT.NL on their certification. This included participating in an on-site coaching workshop in The Hague as well as an assessment. As this was the first of its kind, there was an initial learning and evaluation period for both the assessor and the assessed. The TI Board discussed the proceedings and ultimately approved the certification.

"We are proud to announce this first-ever certification," said Don Stikvoort. "Six more CSIRTs from five European countries are currently pursuing TI certification, which reinforces our expectations that this new service will be successful and popular."

TERENA's TI certification service was launched on 1 September 2010. It expanded the TI service from a simple ‘accreditation’ process to include a more comprehensive and in-depth ‘certification’ of Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs). Using a ‘maturity model’ developed by the European CSIRT community, the TI service includes the assignment of a score from 0-4 on each of 45 parameters that are grouped in four categories: organisation, human, tools and processes. CSIRTs must obtain a pre-defined minimum score in order to become certified. They must also provide documentation and participate in an on-site workshop that investigates the CSIRT, offers coaching, consultancy and a final assessment. After successfully completing the process, a CSIRT can remain certified by maintaining the relevant information with the Trusted Introducer and by undergoing re-certification every three years.

Further Information

A report (in Dutch) on the 9th annual GOVCERT.NL symposium can be found on the GOVCERT.NL website.

The Trusted Introducer website can be found at http://www.trusted-introducer.org/.