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3 June 2010
Winner of TNC2010 student poster competition
Edgars Znots (left) receives his prize from Chris Lonvick (right) in the closing ceremony hosted by Miroslav Milinović

Edgars Znots (University of Latvia) has won the prize for best student poster at this year’s TERENA Networking Conference (TNC), awarded by Cisco Systems, the sponsor of student participation this year.

Students from all fields related to research networking were invited to present a poster on any of the subjects relevant to the spirit and objectives of the conference. The authors of selected posters were able to attend the conference free of charge and share their ideas with a knowledgeable audience. Their posters were displayed at TNC 2010 and can be viewed online at http://tnc2010.terena.org/schedule/posters.

Chris Lonvick, Director of Consulting Engineering with Cisco Systems explains that while all the student posters were very high-quality, Edgars Znots had shown originality in independently considering a problem that had not been well addressed: whether mobile devices can be GPS-enabled to allow ad-hoc location awareness. “He worked it through, made some partnerships, did the hard engineering work, and he succeeded in answering the question.”

“This was not just a theoretical paper, he made it work on the devices he had available to him. He understands the technology. He can see the potential benefits for this, the applicability in the commercial world and he’s out there sharing it, which we appreciate greatly as well.”

A team of judges considered all aspects of the student posters in reaching this decision – the graphic and verbal presentation as well as the content and the research conveyed. “It’s easier to write a paper and go on and on,” says Chris Lonvick, “but in a poster you must convey the whole project and the importance of your results in a very limited space”.

This in itself is a useful exercise, he feels, but there are other reasons why Cisco Systems likes sponsoring TNC poster presentations by students: “they stand by their posters during the breaks and they have to interact with the professionals here. The students benefit from meeting people who have been in networking for many years, who can can advise them about their work and give them suggestions and encouragement. The students can learn from them and use this to help them decide whether this is a career path for them.”

“From the quality of the posters, I’m certain that quite a few networking veterans are walking away from this with a few new thoughts of their own.”

As well as Chris Lonvick, the panel of judges included Stephen Wolff and Klaas Wierenga both from the Office of the CTO at Cisco Systems, Jean-Paul Le Guigner (Chair of the TNC2010 Programme Committee) and Janne Kanner (President of TERENA). They promised to give feedback to all participating students after the TNC is over.

The winning poster can be found here: Ad-hoc location awareness network using GPS-enabled mobile devices.