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11 May 2010
Community blogs, tweets, and other social media featured at TNC 2010

Network and application experts, end-users and corporate partners will share their views at this year's TNC, ultimately helping to shape the future of networking. For the first time ever, TNC is also offering online forums to support these live discussions and enable more ways to explore some of the technology and social implications of the emerging network lifestyles.

In addition to the successful live video streams, TNC participants can blog, tweet, upload pictures and videos, chat and debate on-line. By using "#TNC2010" on Twitter (tweets), Wordpress (blog), Facebook (chat, photos, videos), YouTube (videos) and Flickr (photos), you can participate in the online interaction, or simply follow what is being said.

Community coverage

TERENA is also proud to announce the participation of various NREN community members as "TNC Bloggers". This group will be blogging about their experiences during the TNC as well as their views on ideas expressed during the conference. The TNC 2010 bloggers include:

  • Andrew Cormack, Chief Regulatory Adviser for JANET(UK).
  • Jacqueline Brown, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Pacific Wave (US).
  • Karri Huhtanen, Researcher in the Department of Communications Engineering, Tampere University of Technology (Finland).
  • Andy Zbinden, Head of the End User team at SWITCH (Switzerland).
  • David Kelsey, Head of Particle Physics computing at STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (UK).
  • Stefan Winter, R&D Engineer at RESTENA (Luxembourg).
  • Martin Bech, Deputy Director, UNI•C (Denmark).
  • Lars Fischer, Chief Technology Officer, NORDUnet (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden).

Further information

TNC 2010 will take place on 31 May - 3 June in Vilnius, Lithuania. Please note that the name of the conference venue will change from the 'Reval Hotel Lietuva' to 'Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva' as of 1 June.