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6 April 2010
TF-Media gathers momentum at first meeting
Several people participated remotely in the first TF-Media meeting, in Athens, Greece.

The first meeting of TERENA's media task force, TF-Media, concluded that quick action should be taken to build relationships with similar communities and to collect relevant information on media-related services and tools. More than 50 local and remote participants learned about media-related events and case studies as well as some of the legal issues and EU regulations related to academic media management and distribution.

Hosted by the Greek research and technology network, GRNET, on 19 March 2010, the TF-Media meeting followed a local workshop in Athens on academic media casting held on 18 March.

Legal and Policy issues

Dean Skandalis, senior vice president of MPEG LA, a reseller of consolidated patent license portfolios for parts of the MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 standards, briefed participants on the AVC Patent Portfolio License. He emphasised that the AVC/H.264 license will not charge royalties for free internet broadcast until 2015, of particular relevance to this task force.

Later, Jason Miles-Campbell (JISC) highlighted the importance of understanding the role of the law in relation to distribution (patent, copyright, licensing and accessibility laws) as well as in relation to content management (data protection and general liability laws). Katrien Lefever (Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology, an independent research institute founded by the Flemish government to stimulate ICT innovation) summarised the essentials of the EU Broadcasting Regulation – Audiovisual Media Services Directive.

Looking ahead

During the panel discussion, it was decided that a small group will be responsible for devising a formal statement about liaison with the Opencast community. This will be followed up in future with similar activities with Europeana (a multilingual online collection of millions of digitised items from European museums, libraries, archives and multimedia collections), EUNIS (an organisation which works with people responsible for information systems in higher education or research institutes within Europe) and with other projects like Steeple and CineGrid. Another small action group will collect detailed information about NRENs' media-related services, tools and platforms via a questionnaire.

Future meetings will focus on the needs expressed by the meeting participants, namely hands-on workshops about open source media management software such as Matterhorn or MediaMosa and metadata issues in media management systems.

Further information

Presentation slides from this meeting can be found here.