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5 February 2010
Registration is open for next TF-Media meeting
OTE Academy is the venue of the media events in Greece

The Greek Research and Technology Network, GRNET, will host the first TF-Media meeting on 18-19 March 2010, in Athens, Greece. The TF-Media task force meeting will be preceded by a GRNET workshop on academic media casting on 18 March 2010. Participants are invited to sign up to both events.

TF-Media was established under the auspices of TERENA to collect ideas, knowledge and experiences about technical, administrative, and legal aspects of federated multimedia production, management and distribution services on a pan-European scale. Meetings organised by TF-Media enable task force participants to coordinate and/or collaborate on these issues.

TF-Media meeting

The upcoming TF-Media meeting will begin in the afternoon of 18 March with a brief report of recent media-related events, including sessions that took place at the APAN conference in Sydney, Australia and the OpenVideo workshop organised by ETH Zurich. The following day will include a review of progress made on TF-Media work items, as well as various discussions on PR and legal issues. More information about the programme can be found on the preliminary agenda.

GRNET workshop

A GRNET workshop on academic media casting will be held on 18 March before the TF-Media meeting. It aims to raise awareness of academic media casting and attract participants to the task force activities. Community projects are invited to present their work at the workshop. Technical issues and other aspects of academic media management and distribution will also be discussed.

The tutorial workshop targets the local Greek community, task force members, as well as a broader audience. TERENA is pleased to co-locate the first TF-Media meeting with this workshop, both hosted by GRNET.

Note that the last session of the GRNET workshop from 15:30 to 17:30 on 18 March will be held in Greek and overlaps with the TF-Media session.


We kindly request that participants register separately for each event. Registration and accommodation information can be found on the events' website.

Further Information

More about TF-Media.