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5 February 2010
Personal and eScience Personal Certificates available through TCS
TERENA Personal Certificate

TERENA is pleased to announce that effective from 5 February 2010, the TERENA Certificate Service (TCS) will provide Personal and eScience Personal Certificates, as well as Code-Signing Certificates.

The TERENA Certificate Service allows a variety of digital certificates to be offered to research and education institutions in the countries of the participating national member organisations of TERENA. The certificates are issued by Comodo CA Limited, one of the largest Certification Authority providers worldwide.

With this change, the TCS portfolio will include both server and personal certificates. The regular TCS Personal Certificate will identify individual users and can be used, for example, to secure e-mail communications; the TCS eScience Personal Certificate will identify individual users accessing Grid services. The TCS Code-Signing Certificates can be used for authenticating software distributed over the Internet.


The TERENA eScience Personal Certification Authority is accredited by the EUGridPMA, the international organisation that coordinates the trust fabric for eScience Grid authentication in Europe. This accreditation allows the certificates to be used in Grid applications compliant with the International Grid Trust Federation (IGTF).

TERENA would like to thank the members of the TCS Policy Management Authority for their significant contributions to achieving this accreditation. Particular thanks go to UNINETT and CESNET for enabling Jan Meijer and Milan Sova to make their large contributions.

Availability in Europe

Research and education institutions can obtain TCS certificates through their national TERENA member organisation, not from TERENA directly. A list of participating TERENA members can be found here.

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