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24 April 2009
SCHAC releases updated directory schema for academia

A new version of the SCHAC (SCHema for ACademia) directory schema (1.4.0) is available for download from from the SCHAC web page, under the section called ‘SCHAC Releases’.

SCHAC defines and promotes common schemas in the field of higher education to facilitate inter-institutional data exchange. The SCHAC directory schema is not oriented to any particular technology. It defines a set of attributes to describe individuals in academic and research institutes. These definitions assume that other attributes describing individuals are already available and properly coded in agreement with the current standards, such as eduPerson schema 200806.

In the new version of the directory schema, references to Request for Comments documents have been updated and the attributes ‘schacProjectMembership’ and ‘schacProjectSpecificRole’ have been moved from an experimental branch of SCHAC to the stable one, below the object class ‘schacGroupMembership’. A new experimental attribute, ‘schacYearOfBirth’, has been added as a means of expressing someone's age in a privacy-preserving way.

Further Information

The SCHema for ACademia, SCHAC, is the result of work in the area of attributes coordination carried out within the TERENA Task Force on European Middleware Coordination and Collaboration, TF-EMC2.

SCHAC work started in 2005; the first release of ‘SCHAC Individual Attributes Specification’ was issued in May 2006. All SCHAC documents can be found on http://www.terena.org/activities/tf-emc2/schac.html.