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25 September 2008
Romania to establish security team
University Square, Bucharest, with a statue of Michael the Brave (Mihai Viteazu), whose allies were pivotal to the security of his provinces. (Wikipedia)

RoEduNet, the Romanian national research and education networking organisation (NREN), is to establish a computer security incident response team (CSIRT). This decision follows a visit by a delegation from TERENA and SWITCH, the Swiss NREN, on 11-12 August 2008.

The meeting was undertaken on behalf of the GN2 project's development support activity (NA4) and security activity (JRA2), which encourages all NRENs connected to the GÉANT2 network to establish a CSIRT. This ensures that designated contacts are available to handle any security incidents that arise within those constituencies, particularly where the incidents have international scope. The establishment of a Romanian team means that most countries connected to the GÉANT2 network will now have incident handling procedures.

RoEduNet has put in place an implementation plan to become a recognised CSIRT, with the goal of becoming fully-accredited with FIRST (the global forum of security teams) and the European Trusted Introducer service, which is currently operated under contract to TERENA.

Further Information

Information about the RoEduNet CSIRT is available on the official website of RoCSIRT.

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TERENA's Task Force on Computer Security Incident Response Teams, TF-CSIRT.

The global Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams FIRST.