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16 May 2008
Hot off press EARNEST reports available at TNC 2008
Part of the EARNEST Summary Report cover.

The EARNEST Summary Report will be distributed to participants at the 2008 TERENA Networking Conference (TNC) next week, from 19-22 May in Bruges (Brugge), Belgium. Copies of seven sub-study reports will also be available at the event.

The goal of the Education And Research Networking Evolution Study (EARNEST) was to provide input for initiatives that could keep European research networking at the forefront of world-wide developments and enhance the competitiveness of the European Research Area.

From July 2006 to June 2007, seven sub-studies explored the expected development of research and education networking in Europe over the next 5-10 years. Interim reports were made available during 2007 and were shaped by feedback from participants at a series of workshops.

In addition to the Summary Report, which highlights key recommendations from the EARNEST study as a whole, reports have also been published on: campus issues, economic issues, organisation and governance issues, regulatory issues, technical issues, the requirements of researchers, and the requirements of users in schools, healthcare, and the arts, humanities and social sciences. The last of the sub-study reports, on geographic issues, will be published soon.

Print copies of all reports can be ordered from the TERENA Secretariat : secretariat@terena.org

Online versions are also downloadable from this website : http://www.terena.org/activities/earnest/publications.html

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