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23 January 2007
LOBSTER Looks for Organisations to Collaborate on Passive Network Traffic Monitoring

The LOBSTER IST project (http://www.ist-lobster.org) is establishing a network of passive Internet monitoring sensors around the world. The project was positively evaluated recently by the European Commission through a panel of independent experts in the field. Having deployed more than 20 live passive monitoring sensors throughout Europe (http://lobster.ics.forth.gr/~appmon/), LOBSTER would like to spread the benefits of passive network traffic monitoring to more organisations, such as National Research and Education Networks, Internet Service Providers and independent organisations interested in monitoring their networks.

The project is therefore looking for organisations willing to host a passive monitoring sensor. The LOBSTER software runs on standard PC hardware with a variety of network adapters (which can be regular NICs as well as specialised DAG cards), and can be quickly installed using the bootable CD available at: http://www.ist-lobster.org/downloads/lobster.iso

More information on how to participate is available at: http://www.ist-lobster.org/faq/, or by sending e-mail to 'info@ist-lobster.org'.