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16 January 2007
Second TERENA Mini CAMP Held in Cyprus

The second TERENA Mini CAMP (Campus Architectural Middleware Planning) workshop took place in Nicosia, Cyprus, on Monday 15 January 2007. TERENA Mini CAMPs raise awareness about state of the art middleware technologies already in use in the academic community in Europe, in particular eduroamĀ®. Being part of eduroamĀ® allows users visiting another institution that is connected to the service to log on to the wireless network of that institution using the same username and password that they would use if they were at their home institution.

The TERENA Mini CAMP workshops were inspired by the larger EuroCAMP workshops that TERENA regularly organises in different locations in Europe, but focus on particular services, such as eduroam, and give practical guidance to network practitioners at campus level on setting up such services.

Valentino Cavalli, TERENA Deputy Chief Technical Officer, gave a presentation on TERENA's middleware activities in Europe. Rok Papez, ARNES (Slovenia), gave practical advice about setting up eduroam and Stefan Winter, RESTENA (Luxembourg), presented the basics of eduroam authentication technologies and how to join the service.

Cyprus is one of a few countries that are members of both TERENA and the GEANT2 project but have not yet deployed eduroam at national level. Cynet, the National Research and Education Network in Cyprus, provides connectivity and services to the University of Cyprus and other educational institutions in the country. Most institutes are based in Nicosia or Limassol, but there are also branches in other towns.

In his welcome address Cynet Director Agathoclis Stylianou highlighted the importance of the Mini CAMP to get Cyprus involved in the deployment of eduroam in Europe.

Participants from the University of Cyprus and other educational institutions in Cyprus expressed their eagerness to get involved. Follow-up talks with them started immediately after the workshop in order to speed up the process of adopting eduroam.

Valentino Cavalli, TERENA Deputy Chief Technical Officer, said: "The TERENA Mini CAMPs form part of the GEANT2 project to support the development of research and education networking in less advanced countries in and around Europe. Both of the Mini CAMPs we have held so far have been well received and we are looking forward to holding more in the near future."