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16 March 2006
First Certificate of TERENA's Server Certificate Service Issued Today

Today the first certificate of TERENA’s Server Certificate Service was issued. The certificate was actually requested by TERENA itself for one of its own servers. It was issued by Jan Meijer, one of SURFnet’s Registration Authority (RA) administrators who has been one of the originators of the service and who has played an active role throughout the preparations.

Eight NRENs will act as Registration Authorities for issuing SureServer EDU certificates provided by Cybertrust. Three of them, ACONET (Austria), SURFnet (Netherlands) and SWITCH (Switzerland) will begin issuing certificates today. The others are in the process of finalising the RA agreements and will start operating an RA shortly.

Details of the ceremonial handover of the first certificate and information about the service can be found at: http://www.terena.nl/activities/scs/index.html

The TERENA news feature announcing the service can be found at: http://www.terena.nl/news/fullstory.php?news_id=1509