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Posted on 25 November 2015 by RedIris
Science and technology up for debate at the RedIRIS Technical Conference in Tenerife

The Adán Martín Auditorium in Tenerife will be the venue for the RedIRIS 2015 Technical Conference from Tuesday and until Thursday, November 26. This time the event has been organised in partnership with Tenerife Council through the Science and Technology Park, Laguna University and the Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute. It will bring together 350 experts and computer network and services managers from RedIRIS member institutions, mainly universities, research centres and independent networks, so that they can exchange information and experiences.


Posted on 23 November 2015 by GÉANT
European Commission supports science e-infrastructure with €25m grant agreement for vital GÉANT GN4-1 project​

The European Commission has signed the grant agreement for the latest phase of the GÉANT project, GN4-1, which runs to April 2016 with a funding level of €25m.

Together with Europe’s National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), GÉANT has a long history of meeting the diverse needs of a European research and education community that includes organisations such as CERN, the European Southern Observatory, EUMETSAT and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory. By providing the superfast pan-European network and an integrated suite of services including security, authentication, authorisation and identity, GÉANT ensures the trust and confidence essential to large scale research collaboration, data-intensive science, HPC and cloud computing, and helping to achieve the EC’s Open Science objectives.


Posted on 23 November 2015 by RIPE NCC
Does the Internet route around damage? A case study using RIPE Atlas

The Internet has a robust infrastructure that was designed to route around damage. But how well does it do this? We use RIPE Atlas to look at how large-scale disruptions in the Internet's core infrastructure affect end-to-end connectivity on the Internet.


Posted on 19 November 2015 by GRNET
VI-SEEM project kick off: virtual research environment for regional interdisciplinary collaboration in Southeast Europe and Eastern Mediterranean

VI-SEEM, a three-year project that will unify the existing e-infrastructures in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean (SEEM) in order to facilitate regional interdisciplinary collaboration among the scientific communities dealing with life sciences, climatology and digital cultural heritage, was launched this October. The project will create a virtual research environment where scientists from these three fields will be able to carry out collaborative research by using adequate data storage, computing and visualisation resources, as well as sharing data, software, and tools relevant for their work.


Posted on 17 November 2015 by GÉANT
GÉANT community working group​s initiate DDoS focused security collaboration

GÉANT recognises the continually growing need for security threat mitigation and for international and cross-discipline collaboration to support the research and education networking community in this work. A recent workshop about DDoS (distributed denial of service) mitigation, has sparked plans for international collaboration in this area.

More than 50 representatives of 24 organisations from around the world discussed a wide range of issues concerning DDoS and how to manage security processes for national research and education networking organisations (NRENs).


Posted on 16 November 2015 by SURFnet
Open and online education trends in Dutch higher education: moving beyond the pioneer phase

The pioneer phase of open education in the Netherlands is over: armed with the lessons of copious research, experience and the available best practices, we can now start widespread rollout. These were the conclusions presented by SURFnet and the Open Education special interest group in their Open and Online Education Trend Report 2015 at Dé Onderwijsdagen.


Posted on 16 November 2015 by RIPE NCC
RIPE Atlas WiFi Measurements

We're thinking about implementing WiFi measurements in RIPE Atlas, and we want to know what you think. There are several different ways we could do this - find out more below and then take our poll to make your voice heard!


Posted on 14 November 2015 by CUDI
eduroam developments in Mexico

Currently every institution which is participating in eduroam pilots is working in a process to approve their internal policies in order to go into production with their service. The Mexican NREN, CUDI, has its own server in production. The next step will be to integrate new institutions which are interested in deploying eduroam in their institutions. With the MAGIC project, six new institutions add their forces to upgrade and update the eduroam service. Mexico hopes in a short time to reach all institutions that are CUDI's members to have to the opportunity to join in with eduroam.

At the present time, CUDI members that are participating are UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) and UAM (Metropolitan Autonomous University). They are taking the lead in being the first institutions to deployment the eduroam service for their academic campus.


Posted on 14 November 2015 by CUDI
MAGIC comes to Mexico

The MAGIC Project started activities, with the purpose of establishing a set of agreements for participating world regions to consolidate complete middleware for a market place of sources and real-time applications to benefit global sience communities. Building on the success of the ELCIRA project, RedCLARA - with partners from Latin America, Europe, the Caribbean, West and Central Africa, Eastern and Southern Africa, North Africa and the Middle East, Central Asia and Asia-Pacific - is leading MAGIC, a cooperation project which aims to significantly improve the ability of researchers and academics around the world to collaborate together.

CUDI is working on the Base Platform Development to provide further support to the institutions participating in the implementation of services defined.

In an interview the leader of the MAGIC Project in Mexico, Rocío Cos, commented, that Magic has 5 principal goals...

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Posted on 13 November 2015 by GÉANT
Special discount for new ownCloud license​​es

GÉANT has secured a new special discount offer from ownCloud, offering even more value than before, for new customers until the end of 2015. Because of the holiday season, it is appreciated if new applications are submitted before 23 December though.


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