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17 May 2015
Community celebrates ‘one GÉANT’ at TNC15
Pierre Bruyère and TNC15 participants raise a toast "to GÉANT and a new phase for our community!"

Almost 700 members of the research and education networking community raised a toast to the new GÉANT organisation and brand during the opening reception of the 2015 networking conference, TNC15. In doing so, they were celebrating a new phase in the community collaboration that is key to the new brand meaning.

Between boat rides and riverside conversation, participants viewed two short videos as part of a short speech by chair of the GÉANT board of directors, Pierre Bruyère.

Pierre explained that GÉANT was formed when DANTE and TERENA joined forces - known for a short while as GÉANT Association - and that the name was adopted from the pan-European network and the GÉANT Project. (first video)

He described how 'GÉANT' has come to have a meaning that is wider than a single project or network and now includes not only the restructured organisation, but most importantly, the community collaboration that is fundamental to innovation and the delivery of infrastructure and services for research and education.

Pointing out that collaboration can only happen if individual people are willing to contribute and share their time and expertise, Pierre said, "it’s all of you here this evening, and many others who can't be with us tonight, who we have to thank. It's you the people and your working together that is GÉANT's very DNA." A second short video captured this sentiment.

As a result of the changes, Pierre said that, "GÉANT is now in a much stronger strategic position to positively impact European research and education networking. In coming all together under one name we have entered a new phase in our almost 30 years of research and education networking collaboration."

The toast that was raised was "to GÉANT and a new phase for our community!"

Further information

TNC is Europe's largest and most prestigious research and education networking conference. TNC15 is organised by GÉANT and is being hosted in Porto by FCT | FCCN, Portugal's unit for the operation of the National Research and Education Network within the funding agency for science and research in Portugal, from 15-18 June 2015.