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15 May 2015
TNC15 live streami​​​​ng begins

TNC15 has begun on Monday 15 June, in Porto, Portugal, with live streaming of the opening plenary session. GÉANT’s chair of the board of directors, Pierre Bruyère, introduced the conference before a series of welcoming speeches and the keynote presentation by John Day of Boston University, in which he examines the foundations of the Internet and gives his insights into how it should develop for the future.

The welcoming speeches were by: the TNC15 programme committee chair, Klaas Wierenga; member of the board of directors of host organisation FCT|FCCN, João Nuno Ferreira; Councilman of the City of Porto, Filipe Araújo; the Portuguese Government’s Secretary of State for Science, Maria Leonor Parreira; and the platinum sponsor of TNC15, Rodney Wilson of Ciena Corporation.

More than 600 participants are attending this year's TNC, under the theme 'Connected Communities'. Demonstrations, workshops and presentations are taking place around the core programme, which comprises a record 149 speakers from institutions, user groups, and industry as well as research and education networking organisations.

All streams are available live and will be made available in archive form as soon as possible after each session via the TNC15 video archive playlist on the TNC15 website (https://tnc15.terena.org/web/media/stream). Most of the presentation slides and some of the papers can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant session in the online schedule. Streaming is provided by NORDUnet, who are supported by FCT|FCCN, host of TNC15.

Conference a​​pp

TNC15, is using the Conference4me app. GÉANT invites TNC15 participants to download the app as a valuable companion, to check the daily conference schedules on-the-go. The app was developed by the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, PSNC, Poland.

The Conference4me ap​p can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store or the Windows Phone Store. After downloading, search for TNC and you'll see ‘TNC15’. Click ‘download conference’ and then you can easily browse through the various days and sessions under ‘Agenda’. When you click on a session you can see the speaker and time details. Another convenient feature is that sessions you want to visit can be added to the in-app calendar and also your personal (Google) agenda with a single click.

Stay up to date ​​with schedule changes

It can happen that some parts of the TNC15 schedule change. There are three ways to stay up to date with any last-minute alterations in the programme: Sign in to http://tnc15.terena.org using federated identity or social media, select schedule sessions by clicking the star, 'Toggle subscribed sessions' to see selection.

Export sessions / events by clicking 'Save to my Google Calendar' (no login necessary). Event locations are stored as Google Maps links. In Google Calendar, enter 'TNC15@geant.org' in 'Other calendars'.


Feedback about the streams is welcome. Please send your comments to Bert van Pinxteren: bert.vanpinxteren@geant.org.