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20 April 2015
GÉANT email change signals start of re-branding transition

If you have been emailed by a staff member from the Amsterdam or Cambridge office of the GÉANT Association within the past few days, you will have seen that ‘geant.org’ is the new domain for emails from both offices. This replaces the old terena.org and dante.net addresses, bringing all staff together in one domain. This is the first step towards a new round of re-branding and associated changes that are scheduled to be rolled out in a phased transition from early May.

Mailing lists change later

For now, it’s only the email addresses of individual staff members and of groups of staff (e.g. ‘info@geant.org’) that will change.

Mailing lists that have been run in the past by TERENA or DANTE under domains such as terena.org, glif.is, dante.net or geant.net, will continue to run under these domains for the coming few months. Once these are also changed the community will be notified.

Re-branding and other changes

With the current GÉANT Project (GN3plus) ending on 30 April, and its successor forming a large part of the organisation's work, the GÉANT Association is set to become known as simply ‘GÉANT’.

The intention is to simplify understanding of the organisation, its core activities and the community collaboration that drives it all, under a single name and new logo that will be used from early May. There will also be a series of changes to web presences, URLs, news and social media channels etc. that are run by the organisation.

The managers and staff aim to keep all services, websites and mailing lists running smoothly, but ask for patience and help with reporting any issues that may occur. In case of any queries, please contact info@geant.org.