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5 February 2015
Trusted Introducer welcomes newly certified teams
NCSC-FI receives Trusted Introducer certification at the 44th TF-CSIRT meeting

The Trusted Introducer service welcomed four newly certified teams and awarded re-certification to NCSC-NL at the 44th meeting of TF-CSIRT (task force on Computer Security Incident Response Teams) in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. The meeting was a joint event with FIRST (global Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams) and TF-CSIRT coming together to run a Joint Technical Colloquium, welcoming over 130 attendees from across the globe.

Certification is the highest level of award in the Trusted Introducer team maturity model for CSIRTS. Trusted Introducer Certification is based on the SIM3 model and requires the CSIRT team to provide evidence and improve procedures across 45 different parameters. The process can take between 3 and 12 months and clearly demonstrates that a team has met high standards of practice for security incident management, which can be shown to their constituents, to their funding bodies, and to other parties or teams they want to cooperate with. The certified teams are and stay part of the community of TI teams - the certification acts as a further trustmark for the team.

A steadily increasing number of teams are elected to undertake the certification process, which follows on from Trusted Introducer accreditation. Certificates were awarded to CERT.PT (Portugal), EGI CSIRT (Europe), LiU IRT (Sweden), and NCSC-FI (Finland) in Las Palmas and the Trusted Introducer team is currently working with seven other certification candidates.

The 44th TF-CSIRT meeting was organised by GÉANT Association and hosted by IRIS-CSIRT at the Universidad de Las Palmas.

Further information

Further information about FIRST, TF-CSIRT, Trusted Introducer and the 44th TF-CSIRT meeting can be found online.