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17 June 2013
TERENA recognises contributions to research and education networking and community collaboration
Screenshot of the new TERENA community awards webpage.

A webpage has been published recording the people honoured by TERENA for special contributions to research and education networking: the first two award winners are included at http://www.terena.org/about/people/awards/index.php.

TERENA welcomes nominations for future award winners and information about the contributions they have made.

TERENA highly values the contributions community members make to research and education networking, the development of new services and technologies, and to TERENA activities, which are usually made on a voluntary basis and with the support of their employer. To recognise such contributions and honour people who have shared their ideas, expertise and time with the community, TERENA draws the community's attention to exceptional examples by presenting a token gift during the annual TERENA Networking Conference (TNC), where around 600 community members gather together each year.

First two award winners

The first person to receive such recognition was Klaas Wierenga of Cisco Systems, who was honoured in 2012 for sharing the idea of eduroam with the TERENA community ten years earlier when he worked at SURFnet. Ten years on, eduroam had become a significant player in the wireless access industry, had reached 54 territories around the globe and was continuing to grow and develop.

During TNC2013, Milan Sova of CESNET was honoured posthumously with a speech noting his professional commitment and personal qualities. Milan had contributed over many years to many activities and the development of several services. As a member of the TNC2012 Programme Committee he should have been present at the conference as a session chair, but passed away unexpectedly on 31 December 2012. TERENA acknowledged his many contributions and presented a small gift to CESNET in his memory.

Further information

If you think a colleague in the wider research and education networking community has made a significant contribution, shared an idea that developed into a useful service or technology, or in some other way deserves their effort and expertise to be recognised, please contact community-award@terena.org.