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6 May 2013
NRENUM.net training at TNC2013 marks maturing of service
Free hands-on NRENum.net training will be provided at TNC2013.

Registration is open for a free hands-on training session on 'SIP-based video calling via NRENum.net', which precedes this year's TERENA Networking Conference (TNC) in Maastricht, Netherlands, on Sunday 2 June. While video conferencing, voice over IP (VoIP), screen sharing and remote presentations are some of the most rapidly growing areas in academia and the home, it can still be overwhelming for a user to set up his systems and get working. NRENum.net attempts to close some of the gaps between the different technologies.

NRENum.net has been developing rapidly in recent months. At the mid-March joint meeting of NRENum.net and the G√ČANT project's eduCONF service in Amsterdam, it was agreed that TERENA / NRENum.net should negotiate with Internet2, AARnet and NORDUnet about operating DNS (Domain Name System) slaves in their regions to supplement existing ones at CARNet and SWITCH with the DNS master continuing to be operated by NIIF/HUNGARNET. This global distribution of DNS slaves is now complete and moves the resilience of the NRENum.net infrastructure closer to true enterprise grade.

Other actions in the 'roadmap' agreed in Amsterdam were to approve necessary changes to the Service Policy that were implied by RENATER and NORDUnet joining the service and to investigate the potential creation of a high-level governance committee for the global NRENum.net service.

Collaboration on training materials

The package of training materials to be delivered at the SIP workshop in Maastricht is another development. A group of organisations have been collaborating to provide them, as part of the eduCONF activity. These materials will train system admins how to set up and configure various technologies. "If the global infrastructure could be set up and configured correctly at ground level, the roll-out of the technology and services that work from that platform would be much easier," said Péter Szegedi, the TERENA Project Development Officer responsible for NRENum.net.

Components like AsteriskNOW, FreePBX, Cisco CUBE and the Acme Packet SBC all need to be properly configured for them to communicate effectively within the NRENum.net infrastructure. Trainees participating in the workshop will have several virtual servers available to test out configurations in a safe environment and will run virtual services via SSH (Secure Shell) on their own laptops.

Further information

There are limited spaces available on the workshop. More workshop information and registration are available via the TNC2013 website.

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The global DNS server locations are being collected online.

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