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29 April 2011
NRENum.net service mandate extended

Participants of the NRENum.net service agreed to extend the service’s mandate until at least the end of 2012. The mandate may be extended again at the end of 2012, depending on a review of the service environment at that time. Participants also agreed to migrate the operation of the service’s master Domain Name Server (DNS) to NIIF/HUNGARNET, the Hungarian National Research and Education Network organisation (NREN) and the operation of the two secondary DNS to CARNet and SWITCH, the Croatian and the Swiss NREN respectively.

NRENum.net is a service coordinated by TERENA and operated by various NRENs on a voluntary basis. It was created as an intermediary alternative to the Golden ENUM tree administered by RIPE NCC. NRENum.net allows NRENs and their stakeholders to place VoIP calls to other NRENs with VoIP systems directly over the Internet in countries where the Golden ENUM tree is not in production, or in countries where an NREN is currently experiencing difficulty delegating their zones into ENUM.

Potential developments

Since NRENum.net allows for information such as video conferencing numbers (GDS), telepresence numbers, email addresses and other location data to be associated with a telephone number, the uptake of applications that take advantage of this information may increase and make the NRENum.net service even more benefical for the research and education community. Furthermore, due to the slow uptake of the Golden ENUM tree, NRENum.net participants anticipate that the research and education community's need for the NRENum.net tree may continue beyond 2012 and that multiple alternative trees may be exist in the future.

Call for participation

Countries entitled to delegate into the NRENum.net tree are encouraged to populate the tree with their delegated zones. Interested parties from all countries are invited to query the NRENum.net tree as a secondary alternative to the Golden ENUM tree.

Further information

The NRENnum.net service policy document as well as other detailed information can be found on the new NRENnum.net website, a Confluence wiki editable by the community. Follow the development of the service by signing up to the NRENum.net mailing list.