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26 June 2006
Video Archive from TNC 2006 Now Available

The video archive of the live stream from the TERENA Networking Conference 2006 in Catania, Italy is now available. This year, the presentations can be viewed individually, instead of per session.
The GARR streaming team numbered 22 from the GARR community all over Italy and was led by Franca Fiumana of CINECA under the direction of GARR’s Senior Technical Officer, Claudio Allocchio.

From the conference programme (http://www.terena.nl/events/tnc2006/programme/), follow the links to the presentation you want to see, and click on the title of the presentation. You will see an icon in the box on the right, (Watch the archived video). A Windows Media window will pop up and the 500 kbit video of the individual presentation will play.

Please note:

  • The video archive is available for presentations from Sessions A, B, C and D.The sessions in Room E (the fifth session on some days) were not recorded;
  • The sessions on Thursday morning on “Privacy and Legal Issues for Network Operators” (Session 8D) were not recorded for security reasons due to the sensitive nature of the material.