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3 June 2006
Mini CAMP Well Received in Romania

TERENA organised a Mini CAMP (Campus Architectural Middleware Planning) workshop at the 5th RoEduNet (Romanian Education Network) International Conference which took place 1-3 June 2006 in Sibiu, Romania. Held in the afternoon of Friday 2 June, the aim of the Mini CAMP was to raise awareness about the state of the art middleware technologies already in use in the academic community in Europe and beyond.

The Mini CAMP workshop was inspired by the larger EuroCAMP workshops that TERENA regularly organises in different locations in Europe, but focused on one particular service giving very practical guidance to network practitioners at campus level on setting up that service - eduroam. eduroam is the infrastructure that allows eduroam-enabled users to get on line at any eduroam network using the same user-name and password they would use if they were connecting at their home institution.

Licia Florio (TERENA) gave an introduction about the middleware activities ongoing in Europe, explaining what federations are and why institutions tend to federate. The talk also covered the role of TERENA and how the association supports and fosters international cooperation in the middleware area via task-forces, projects and workshops.

Klaas Wierenga (SURFnet) provided an overview on wireless security and presented eduroam technology and eduroam trust-fabric, highlighting why eduroam is secure. The talk also covered the European eduroam federation and how NRENs can join it.

Rok Papez (ARNES) talked about the issues related to the deployment of eduroam at national level (after an NREN has joined eduroam the aim is to connect all institutions to the eduroam infrastructure). Rok talked about the experience in Slovenia and presented 'eduroam-in-a-box', the (open source) web-based wizard (developed by ARNES) to configure the components needed to run eduroam (RADIUS, LDAP, DNS etc.).

Licia Florio, TERENA Project Development Officer, said: "The event in Sibiu follows on from the success of the regular EuroCAMP workshops organised by TERENA to promote middleware technologies on campus. The European Union's funding of the activity within the GEANT2 project to support the development of research and education networking in less advanced countries in and around Europe has enabled us to deliver this practical training course in Romania. The workshop was well attended and well received."