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Date Tue, 27 Mar 2012 09:32:06 +1100

Thanks Licia,

Can we start here,  as something to talk
through at your next coffee morning @Singel 468 D.

As you say "Maybe you all have these discussions, but it is not immediately
clear to me being an outsider. How can TERENA help?"

You'd imagine I'm an outsider to so many (global) discussions. Thankfully
John, Peter and the rest of the team have been kind enough to put up with
the stones I've been throwing at the Terena glasshouse. But that's only
because I've always seen Terena as the community who the Brussels guys would
come running to eventually. Technically, its members have all their National
flocks of ducks. It's just they haven't 'cherry-picked' the best of them &
lined them up in a sociable European row. And, if they are to be fair to the
waddlers Webbed feet, included a few other foreign breeds. 

We've seen John try and bring the 4 Cloudy discussions together. It's the
same with Peter's tf-media and our talk about "Affiliated Communities". 
Now that we're beginning to introduce librarians (and their communities)
into this mix, it would be a good time to have a fresh set of well-educated
eyes consider how terena's scribes/cat tamers aren't made "outsiders" to one
another's groups. 

I've been pointing a few people at the terena web site. One person who would
help bridge the gap between Terena and its funders is this guy, and he's
been kind enough to recap on his thoughts.  His world is bound to be
as alien to yours as terena's members are to his. But that's the gap which
eventually, together, might be bridged. 

I've also made a note to Gyongyi on her Facebook account about opening this
and using it as a way to cross-pollinate between a few others who are
LinkedIn to various global professional groups. E.g. 

OK. That's enough to make the coffee talk a bit interesting. Geez I wish i
could be a fly on the wall.
All the best, si. 

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Hi all,

Some quick comments on Simon's emails (including his previous email).
> You'll want to involve the refed guys in the discussions. Not much use 
> in talking about "which services" NRENs might broker (or co-develop) 
> without considering how a customer will sign onto them, regardless of 
> where they are or which public institution they're from.

It's nice to see to see REFEDS mentioned here as the group to involve with
to discuss federated issues; I think that it makes sense to have discussions
revolving federated access within REFEDS :)

However the way how users access a service (which it's nowadays in 90% of
the cases via their federations) it's only one aspect of the service
delivery, although it's a complex one.

What I would hope to see MSP discussing is the business cases for
deploying/brokering services and possibly some service models. What are the
issues for doing that? What are the benefits? How do NRENs expect to work in
the coming years?
Would an NREN be better off brokering a service for their users or would
NRENs be better off in joining forces? Are there recommendations from this
group? How can TERENA help?

Maybe you all have these discussions, but it is not immediately clear to me
being an outsider.

> Besides Nicole is doing one part
> of the same survey already.
> It's good 
> to see the librarians involved at last, as they will be pivotal, so 
> long as you can get them to focus on the real time services their 
> customers want, in addition to their usual professional focus on
classifying 'institutional'
> information. 

As a further clarification, Nicole's blog reports about a questionnaire done
as part of the AAA study that TERENA (together with LIBER, Univ. of Debrecen
and Univ. of Amsterdam) are carrying out, for the European Commission.

See more at: