Subject Re: Input for InCommon's Steward Program
From David Walker <dwalker@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Tue, 10 Nov 2015 07:22:24 -0800

Thanks, Peter.  That's been our thinking, too, that InCommon's
Steward-registered entities would carry the InCommon registrar ID.


On 11/10/2015 01:33 AM, Peter Schober wrote:
> * David Walker <dwalker@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2015-11-09 23:00]:
>> We've also discussed tagging an entity as having been registered by a
>> Steward (K-12 or otherwise).  This would be needed if we feel that a
>> federation that outsources some of its registration functions (rather
>> than having employees perform them) should tag those
>> outsource-registered entities.
> That would have been my question, who'd appear as the registrar (as in
> mdrpi:RegistrationInfo/@registrationAuthority) for such entities?
> Not sure a different one is even necessary if there in fact exist
> contracts between InC and the outsourced registrars (i.e., the
> contracting party takes on the same responsibilities and liabilities
> as InC) and the registration procedures are in fact the same.
> Seems to me any federation has the right to outsource (parts of) its
> operations, much like an academic institution or publisher has the
> right to outsource the operations of their entities.
> -peter