Subject AARC is requesting for your contribution
From Lalla Maria Laura Mantovani <marialaura.mantovani@xxxxxxx>
Date Thu, 29 Oct 2015 11:50:40 +0100

Request for contribution from Federation Operators and key involved Personnel

The AARC project - Training and Outreach activity - is looking for information about the knowledge and usage of identity federated technologies in the library domain.

We are specifically trying to address the following aspects:
  1. Gather information and contacts of the bodies that  - at national level - handle commercial negotiations with publishers;
  2. Understand, in a second phase, whether the national agreements through contracts stipulated with publishers have included explicit references to federated authentication and, if so, what are the corresponding specific statements;
  3. Know what resources each nation subscribes;
  4. Know which resources are federated from the country point of view.

We kindly ask federation operators and other potentially interested parties belonging to national bodies and/or teams involved in negotiation of electronic resources for libraries at a national level to help us gather information.
Please follow the link and edit as requested. #

Thank you for you cooperation.
Best wishes,
Lalla Mantovani

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