Subject RE: [MACE-Dir] eduPersonSubjectIDGUID
From "Jones, Mark B" <Mark.B.Jones@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Wed, 28 Oct 2015 16:42:54 +0000

To add to this, there were 40+ people in the room. Nobody raised their hand to the first question and only 4 or 5 raised their hand to the 2nd question.

There's another question that I wish I would've asked: Which account do you value more - your google/Facebook acct or your university acct.? I think I know how that one would turn out as well.

[Mark] I think this very much depends on how you use your google/facebook account.  At one point my response would be a quick defense of my university account.  But that was before I started trying to separate my personal and work correspondence, and before my Google account was hacked, and used to get to another account.  As things are now, if someone gains access to my Goolge account there is more personal information in my inbox that I want kept safe than in my university account.

Are you like I was and consider google/facebook to be interesting services to play with, or do you consider them to be important personal services.  Considering how much personal information they contain, what should your attitude be?

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