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A few more words about "the R&S bomb" -- I believe it is a good thing to challenge CIOs to think about the future of higher ed IT.  Most services that have traditionally been the business of IT are becoming easily outsourceable.  The professors and staff who needed lots of basic handholding to use technology are now aging out and being replaced by a workforce that is much more tech savvy.  Where IT organizations of the 21st Century can add value is in infrastructure and services that facilitate research, instruction/learning, and collaboration across institutions.  R&S is not just "impotant", it is the future.

	- Jill

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> Thanks!  I wold like to know if anyone is uncomfortable with me sticking a slide up on a screen with that chunk of this conversation on it, and doing my best Steve Jobs impression, say, "read this - I'll give you 3 minutes" and then drop the R&S bomb on them.
go for it